What to do if your sales channels are underperforming

You have already set up your channels but after some initial success they are now drastically underperforming.


At ProSecta we know that your sales success depends on your ability to sell through multiple channels. But how do you ensure that you’ve built the right channels to market for your unique solutions and how do you ensure that they continue to perform over time? ProSecta's services are designed to create long term growth in any market and to build sustainable competitive strength.


We can rapidly audit your existing channels to identify strengths and weaknesses in your strategy. We can help you to revise your strategy and achieve the most appropriate channel mix for your organisation. Our process is tailored to the specific objectives defined by your unique products and customer needs.


ProSecta’s processes are designed to rapidly identify your best combination of direct and indirect channels. Having identified and agreed which types of direct and indirect channels best fit your needs, we can rapidly recruit your new channels based on a clear understanding of those needs. We have an extensive database of International channel partners which we use to accelerate identification of your potential partners.


Your direct sales team is your most valuable asset and should be focussed to target your most profitable customers. We will help you identify this business ‘sweet spot’ and re-align your sales teams with this objective. We will help you to identify which tasks and accounts can be offloaded to other direct and indirect sales channels, helping you to create a fully leveraged direct sales team.


Getting the best performance from your channels.



ProSecta knows how to put your channels back on track.


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Designing and building your channel

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Getting the Best from your channels

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