International Market Entry

Today is a world of global markets and global competition.

Those technology organisations that wish to survive ...

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What to do if your channels are underperforming

You have already set up your sales channels but after some initial success they are now drastically under performing...

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Why a Multiple Sales Channel Strategy?

Look at any market sector and you will see clear winners. These winners are defined by their ability to ...

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ProSecta's benefits


Channel Development and Management

At ProSecta we know that sales success is greatly increased by selling through multiple sales channels. Through years of hands-on experience we know what works to accelerate your business expansion through channels, in both local and International markets. We also know what can go wrong and how to fix it.


Multiple channel operations can be highly complex and managing them to gain optimum performance is not a simple process.



Defining the Channel Mix Designing and Building your channel Developing a highly leveraged direct sales team Getting the best from your channels ProSecta Performance Cycle



Good performance starts with channel selection. Get the right channel partners and you are already on the road to success. But that’s not the end of the story. Having made significant investment in finding and recruiting the right channel partners you now need to actively manage them for performance.


  • Do your channel partners proactively search out your prospective customers and have the skills needed to close the business?
  • Do your channel partners have the reach you need to fully participate in your chosen markets?
  • Does your solution form a strategic part of your partners business?
  • How quickly can you recruit effective new partners?
  • How do you minimise channel conflicts without reducing market coverage?
  • What performance data will you need to collect from the channel and how?
  • How will you use your performance data to enhance the effectiveness of your channel partners and create a better service for your customers?
  • Which partner programs will work for you and which won’t?


ProSecta Limited is an innovative International Sales Channel Development and Management company - offering services ranging from channel audits to a fully managed outsource capability. At the heart of ProSecta is our commitment to our clients and our dedication to their International success.


You may already be successful in your local market and see great opportunities for your company in International markets. You’re also aware that delaying your international expansion could be damaging your existing and future market share.


Whatever your sales channel performance problems, ProSecta has the answer. Our approach guarantees to identify precisely why your channels are under performing and delivers a clear set of processes to fix the problem.


  • Performance Audit and Analysis
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Channel Design
  • Channel Search and Recruitment
  • Channel Management and Performance
  • Partner Relationship Management (PRM)




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The Four Cornerstones of Channel Success

Defining the Channel Mix

All successful sales channel strategies are built on a foundation of customer to channel alignment.

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Designing and building your channel

Our goal is to help you create an organised, motivated, market-focussed, high performance multiple channel sales engine.

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Developing a highly leveraged direct sales team

Direct sales teams are an indispensable part of the sales channel mix for many organisations.

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Getting the Best from your channels

Multiple sales channel systems can be highly complex and managing them to gain optimum performance is not a simple process.

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