The Four Cornerstones of Channel Success

At ProSecta we have developed the methods that enable your organisation to rapidly expand at fixed low cost and in a way that significantly reduces your risk.


We have the skilled and knowledgeable local resources and contacts needed to develop your business throughout diverse International markets and at a measured pace that suits your needs.


Defining the Channel Mix

All successful channel strategies are built on a foundation of customer to channel alignment.

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Designing and Building your Channel

Our goal is to help you create an organised, motivated, market-focussed, high performance channel engine.

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Developing a highly leveraged direct sales team

Direct sales teams are an indispensable part of the channel mix for many organisations.

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Getting the Best from your channels

Multiple channel systems can be highly complex and managing them to gain optimum performance is not a simple process.

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International Market Entry

Today is a world of global markets and global competition. Those technology organisations that wish to survive in this environment must quickly rise to the challenge and there are significant benefits in doing so.

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Why a Channel Strategy?

Look at any market sector and you will see clear winners. These winners are defined by their ability to ‘buck the trend’ when markets are weak and by being able to supremely capitalise on markets when conditions are good.

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