Why a Multiple Sales Channel Strategy?

Look at any market sector and you will see clear winners. These winners are defined by their ability to ‘buck the trend’ when markets are weak and by being able to supremely capitalise on markets when conditions are good.


For many of these companies their secret has been the way in which they have successfully developed and implemented their multiple channel strategies. These strategies have enabled them to beat their competition by actively pursuing the most cost effective and efficient access to customers. These companies have their Channel Advantage.


By choosing to work with us, you too can develop your organisation’s International Channel Advantage.


Your challenge is to develop competitive advantage.

To gain and maintain a competitive edge your organisation must constantly develop advantage through their product, price and promotional strategies.


You need to constantly develop new features and functions for your products and services in order to gain competitive advantage.

However, the nature of Global competition and the ability of your competitors to rapidly develop, acquire or reverse engineer the latest advances and trends means that product uniqueness is a short-lived advantage at best.


You used to be able to gain sustainable advantage through pricing by developing a higher degree of operating efficiency than your competition.

However, today, whole industries have reached parity in terms of operating efficiency and can rapidly develop new cost structures using any advantage they can find from an ever-expanding global market place.


Today your customers are under a constant and massive barrage of advertising and other forms of promotion. The experience for them as consumers is one of ‘clutter’ and ‘noise’, and the result for your organisation is that the impact of promotional messages is drastically reduced and short lived; even those most carefully and cleverly targeted.


Whilst branding can still develop significant competitive advantage, most products only achieve moments of superiority in their particular markets. This may be from a clever marketing campaign or from the introduction of a new feature. But those moments won’t last.


You need an alternative for gaining a sustainable competitive edge - the only alternative is the use of multiple sales channels.

These sales channels will allow you to reach more customers at the point at which they want to do business. It is about reducing your sales costs by moving sales through the most suitable channel.

You also want to achieve better customer retention and satisfaction; and you can, by offering customers more flexible ways to do business with you.

International Market Entry

Today is a world of global markets and global competition. Those technology organisations that wish to survive in this environment must quickly rise to the challenge and there are significant benefits in doing so.

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The Four Cornerstones of Channel Success

Defining the Channel Mix

All successful channel strategies are built on a foundation of customer to channel alignment.

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Designing and building your channel

Our goal is to help you create an organised, motivated, market-focussed, high performance channel engine.

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Developing a highly leveraged direct sales team

Direct sales teams are an indispensable part of the channel mix for many organisations. These assets represent a significant level of historical and ongoing investment and need to be leveraged to achieve the greatest return.

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Getting the Best from your channels

Multiple channel systems can be highly complex and managing them to gain optimum performance is not a simple process.

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