Accelerated International Market Entry

You are a high-tech company - successful locally

You know you are meeting business needs

You know there is untapped market overseas

You realise the importance of early International success.


However, the methods and resources required to implement your expansion can be complex and costly. But...


Get it right and your board will be delighted
- get it wrong and it could spell disaster..


Through years of hands-on International channel development experience, ProSecta management are acutely aware of the challenges you face when confronted by the need to expand into International markets.


ProSecta Services

ProSecta's processes have been developed from the latest thinking in channel development coupled with a vast wealth of hands-on experience from International markets. Our process-driven approach to channel development will help you to quickly enhance existing sales operations and to rapidly launch your company into new markets.


ProSecta's Services can help you define your optimum channel mix and then design and build your channels. As part of your multiple channel strategy we will help you to create a fully leveraged direct sales force, ensuring optimum performance and profitability. From our extensive experience in managing channels we have developed key metrics and processes to get the best from your partners.


We have access to the very latest market research through industry respected sources. We have a constantly updated and extensive database of International Partner information. This has been created for specific technology markets and allows us to significantly speed up the recruitment of your partners.


Key Benefits of the ProSecta Approach

  • Low risk
  • Strong channel management and technical support team
  • No requirement for local infrastructure
  • Extensive market knowledge and experience
  • Fast-track recruitment of partners
  • Highly competitive cost structure
  • Project through to full outsource flexibility.


Our shared goals are to minimise your risk, keep costs as low as possible, achieve an early ROI and create a sustainable and profitable business for you.


Fully Managed Outsource Service

In many cases and in particular for those organisations that understand the need to create an International presence at the earliest time, ProSecta can offer a fully managed outsource service. We do this on a shared risk and reward basis giving you the security of knowing that we are motivated to achieve your goals.




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International Market Entry

Today is a world of global markets and global competition.

Those technology organisations that wish to survive in this environment must quickly rise to the challenge and there are significant benefits in doing so.

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Why a Channel Strategy?

Look at any market sector and you will see clear winners. These winners are defined by their ability to ‘buck the trend’ when markets are weak and by being able to supremely capitalise on markets when conditions are good.

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The Four Cornerstones of Channel Success

Defining the Channel Mix

All successful channel strategies are built on a foundation of customer to channel alignment.

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Designing and building your channel

Our goal is to help you create an organised, motivated, market-focussed, high performance channel engine.

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Developing a highly leveraged direct sales team

Direct sales teams are an indispensable part of the channel mix for many organisations. These assets represent a significant level of historical and ongoing investment and need to be leveraged to achieve the greatest return.

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Getting the Best from your channels

Multiple channel systems can be highly complex and managing them to gain optimum performance is not a simple process.

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